Classic Red Wine Sangria

I am not a wine person. I have tried a lot of wines to develop a taste but just don't like them. My brother and sister have taken me to a lot of vineyards to try out new kinds of wine but "Nope, wine not happening for me". Considering the benefits of wine, Sangria was the way to go... and.... my Diwali party was next weekend. So tried this at my party. AND... VOILA... it was a huge success. We made less thinking it would be TERRIBLE and no-one would want to drink it, since we have never ever made any cocktails/mocktails or any kind of tails... But we ran out!!! Everyone loved it... So in it goes in my recipe book or blog.

Overall Time: 5 min
Serves: About 6 glasses


1 750 ml bottle of red wine
1 cup soda water
½ cup sugar
1 cup Orange Juice - any brand
lime wheels from 3 lemons

  1. Mix all of the above except soda beforehand in a pitcher.
  2. Add soda just before serving (just before party in my case) and serve.


  • We made using 3 bottles of different kinds of red wine. They were of different brands too, but didn't matter in the Sangrai. Maybe we got lucky...

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