Kitchen Tips

These are few tips from my Mom.

• If you cut half an apple, apply lemon juice to the exposed parts to stop it from blackening.

• If you think milk is going to curdle, add a pinch of soda in 1 lt milk.

• Keep leafy vegetables in a net bag to keep them fresh for long. Wash and dry them and keep in a net bag.

• When grating cheese on a grater, cheese sticks to the grater. To avoid this, put a little oil over the grater before grating.

• If you accidentally over salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato, it will absorb the excess salt. (Got this off the Internet). In case you have added more salt than desired, add a ball of dough(flour), keep the dish aside for 5-10 mins.

• Store all dals (lentils), Chole, Rajma in the freezer. I used to do this in India where food used to spoil soon because of the climate.

• If you live in one of those cold places like me and want to make dosas, keep the dosa batter overnight in the microwave (switched off, of course), as the interior of the microwave will be warmer than the rest of the house OR I place it near the heat vent.

• Clean a turmeric stained area with few drops of lime juice.The acidic content will clear the surface.

• If you are going out of town, apply a pinch of salt on the top of tomatoes (where the stick normally is) to keep them fresh for long.

Will keep adding as I remember


crispus said...

I find ur posts very helpful...its been one and half years since i got married and tho i try to keep a neat and well stocked pantry..i find it all disarrayed often..i try my best to keep it look clean and systematic..could u pls tell me how i could arrange the pantry? I saw ur pantry pic and love the way u arranged everything in neat even jars..just how do i go abt planning for somehting similar? ur advice will be v v v helpful :)

Ekta said...

Thanks Crispus! Arranging a pantry has been something that even I have thought about a lot and when I say a lot - I mean years. My suggestion is to invest in a good system. Here you have so many options. Don't buy different brands. Look around. Decide on a style that suits you and the size of your pantry. Buy jars that can stack if required. I like clear plastic as with beautiful colors of dals, it looks even more nice. I like tall jars (cereal box types) for dals, chole, rajma etc as its easy to get them out. But prefer square ones with full lids for flours.