Leftovers - Secret Revealed

Everyone has leftovers, whether its a bowl of vegetables, half the Chole, Raita or whtever it is that you had the day before or even 2 days before.

My mom used to do this as a general rule to leftovers.

• Any leftover vegetables - alu-gobhi, alu-matar, mixed-vegetables - can be mashed coarsely with hand and patties / cutlets made out of them. Shallow fry them in a pan. If you want to deep fry, add a few slices of bread for binding.

• Leftover vegetables can also be grinded fine and mixed with flour when making dough. Rotis / Paranthas / Puris can be made from these. I do this regularly to feed veggies to my kids, even when I don't have leftovers.

• Leftover dals can be kneaded with Atta (whole wheat flour) and rotis, paranthas or puris can be made out of it.

• Leftover raita can be used to make kadhi. Mix a little besan and turmeric to it. Boil well. Temper it with rai and red chilli powder.

• Any vegetables made using white sauce can be made into pasta by adding any pasta of your choice. You can also make a baked roll by placing it on a split roll bread and bake it in the oven.

• Leftover rice can be made into Lemon Rice, Spinach and Carrot Rice, Veg fried rice.

• Leftover Roti can be ground in mixer(the small chutney jar) and mixed with sugar and ghee to make laddus.

Will add more soon

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