Wine Basics

Wine has been around for thousands of years, but for a novice it can be very intimidating as it has been for me.

Many people drink wine everyday as an enjoyable drink. Many people make wine in their own back yards. Wine should not be intimidating or pretentious. It should be something you enjoy based on your own taste preferences.


I am from a family that has never been into wine, and this comes as a surprise to me that Wine is actually healthy. So I did a whole lot of research on this subject which we can discuss in a different post.

Its impossible for me or for anybody else to tell YOU what type of wine you'll enjoy. We all have different taste buds! Maybe you have a sweet tooth and would love the light, White Zinfandel variety or maybe you are a tea drinker and would enjoy a red with a bit of tannin in it or maybe you're a coffee-with-cream drinker and would love a smooth, buttery Chardonnay.

Most people appreciate wine for its delicious and complex taste. There are countless different types of wine, each pairing mouth-wateringly well with certain combinations of food.

Understanding the basics of wine types, selections, storage and tasting will add new dimensions to your wine experience.

Food and Wine

Storing Wine

Serving Wine

Wine and Health

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