About Me

Home is waking up to the smell of mom's cooking.
Home is sharing the holidays with family.
Home is a warm place to be.
Home is sweet.
Home is the place for me.
    -Jennifer Burns

We have always learnt and gained vast amounts of knowledge from our parents. Cooking is one such art that gets passed down the generations. I learnt it from my mom, she from hers and this goes on. Cooking is not a skill with which you are born but it gets developed and honed if you have the desire and inspiration for it. I just couldn't miss the inspiration considering that my mom cooks such delicious meals and applies innovative techniques to make it even more interesting.

I have always loved to eat good food. To learn all the dishes my mom makes and to get the same taste - this in itself is a huge task. Today I can say that I know most of my mom's recipes, though not all. I still call her up many times when I decide to cook one of her dishes that I haven't tried and note down the essentials. :) When we moved to the US, I tasted the various cuisines of the world and then started trying out those as well.

I started this blog when it became difficult to keep track of my recipe books, papers and post-its. This is also designed for my family, friends and a "legacy" to my two lovely daughters - Arushi and Anushka, who I hope get some of these genes.

Most of the recipes here are those that I learnt from my mom. She's an expert cook and has always tried new things with us whether it is to make us eat veggies or take care of left-overs. Its amazing the way she cooks all veggies and we "as kids" used to love it. All the recipes here are vegetarian recipes as I am a vegetarian. Some include egg, but that's it.

Plus when I told my Mom of this idea, she was so excited. She had been thinking of getting her recipes published in some form as she has a khazana of these and didn't know how to make them permanent. She has done some cooking and baking courses in India. I still remember her getting a new dish each day from her cooking class. We used to wait for her to come when she was in baking class. :)

This is a photo of my loving Mummy and Papa.

Kids are always finicky eaters. So are mine. So I try to implement my Mom's strategy to feed veggies to my kids plus I have always enjoyed my mom's cooking and try to replicate her flavor in my food - happens most times ;) When she comes visiting, I ask her to make dishes I am not so perfect at and learn them. I am hoping that my daughters would also want to replicate their "Moms" recipes someday.

Here's a photo of me and my lovely daughters.

I hope it benefits all of you who love to cook for self or others.

Hey Hey!!! Before you go back to searching recipes, see two other blogs I have created for my lovely daughters Arushi and Anushka. They are a little out-dated but I will update them soon.

Cheers, Ekta